Eye to Eye.

Writers write and photographers show images. What better way to start this day than with showing you a photo of something that caught my eye while out planting a garden with my kids last summer.

While out trying to plant a garden last summer, my kids found this adorable baby frog. Immediately, I “saw” this picture in my mind, “a baby frog on top of a flower right up close to Kailyn’s face”. I quickly ran to the house, grabbed my camera and convinced Kailyn to “look” into Mr. Baby Frog’s eye. She glared at me but I somehow managed to convince her to “pose” for me (something she hates to do). I asked Ellya to hold the flower for me long enough so I can click.

Click. That’s all I needed. Right after that click, Kailyn started screaming and the cute little froggie leapt off the flower and almost straight onto her face. He didn’t get her but whew, that was close. Photo shoot over.

I got my shot and the moment is forever locked in a time capsule. One day they will all look at this shot and remember the summer we all went out to plant our first family garden.

Perhaps all that paid off, the photo managed to capture the attention of the judges at http://www.betterphoto.com and they awarded it “Photo-of-the Day-Contest-Winner”.

Sometimes the best photos are just right under your nose, staring you right in the eye.

Can you share some of your best most unexpected photo moments? I would love to hear from you!

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we announce our FABULOUS contest to kick off our new blog.


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