Why I still want to be a photographer when I grow up.

We all had grandiose dreams growing up. I had my fair share. I dreamt one day I would be a ballerina, an astronomer, a business owner, a lawyer. Later on I wanted to be a fashion designer then a make-up artist then finally, I had dreams of being an artist and a photographer.

This last dream never really died. Throughout my lifetime I’ve pursued many things, but one thing I keep coming back to is my faith and answering the call to documenting life.

I came across this quote from Joe McNally’s blog and it really spoke to me. That man can write. Not to mention take pictures. If you haven’t read his book ” The Moment it Clicks” yet, run and buy it.

Here’s a quote from his blog:

“It ain’t the way it used to be, but what is? There’s never been any guarantees, or forgiveness, or for the last 10 or more years, fairness, in this industry. But here’s the thing.

We are out there, in the air, in the world. We don’t go to a cubicle farm everyday and stair at dismaying numbers on a screen. We make pictures. At the end of the day, we create something potentially significant that did not exist at the beginning of the day. We go forward, despite the uncertainty. Because this is an act of love and passion, which defies reason and prudence.

And we make that occasional good frame, the one that sings, the one that lifts our hearts and the hearts of everyone who sees it. That well and truly is as good as it gets.” Joe McNally

Perfectly said.

The image above is one I took of my son while we were out on the farm one cold easter afternoon. I took a few steps back to quietly observe him. He cried out to me..”Mom, look it’s the eagle. he’s back”, referring to the bald eagle that lives on a small island where we live. He then silently observes this majestic creature as it flies through the cold crisp spring sky. I brought the camera to my eye and captured a few frames. Click. This image still sings to me.


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