senior shoot sneak peek: lindsey in the farm with a 1966 ford chevy

I had a blast with a few seniors shoots this past weekend. A few of our backdrops: a 1966 Ford Chevy, an old bridge by the farm, some cool La Conner boutiques, a Japanese garden…these are just a few of the on location backdrops we used for some of these senior shoots.

Since I will super busy this week and probably won’t be blogging in a few days, here’s a few sneak peaks from our shoot with Lindsey.

Meet Lindsey, a graduating senior from Mt. Vernon Highschool.

We did a hip country/farm shoot with her…and the highlight of the shoot was Lindsey posing with this super amazing aqua blue 1966 old Ford Chevy! Lindsey was an awesome “model”. This girl KNEW what she was doing. Just take a look at these shots below. She’s such a rockstar.

Such a gorgeous girl.

Congratulations Lindsey, you are going to rock this world!


One Response to senior shoot sneak peek: lindsey in the farm with a 1966 ford chevy

  1. misspenelope says:

    Dear Joe and Toni,

    I absolutely love these pictures. They are so much more than I ever hoped for! Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience with the photo shoot. I think my favorite picture is one with me in my denim jacket, sitting on the stones with hydrangias in my lap. I am really happy with how my jacket looks in my pictures! and also in that picture, you can see the necklace I’m wearing; my grandmother gave that to me when I was a little girl. I love how these pictures look vintage, they are just what I wanted. Thank you again, and be blessed!

    Love, Lindsey Aguilar

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