A super fun Lake Washington beach family shoot last weekend…

Okay, I’ve been super busy lately with building the new studio, remodeling part of the house, teaching college, editing, doing portrait shoots, trying to map out plans 2009, being a mom to 3 kids… I’ve fallen behind on blogging lately. But today I had to take some time out to share with you a great family portrait shoot  I did with this amazing family.

We headed out to Anacortes last weekend for a portrait shoot with Megan’s family over at beautiful Lake Washington. We had to keep a close eye on the weather report since it was raining pretty much all week and I was afraid we were going to have to cancel that day. Well, it turned out to be a gorgeous day so we went ahead and met at the beach.

The whole shoot turned out to be so much fun! With 10 people, 4 dogs and 3 puppies how can it not be anything but FUN! We had a blast laughing with Megan’s family as we following them with our cameras and caught some beauttiful moments between them as they walked along the beach. I think I laughed so hard that day my ribs hurt!

Thank so much Megan & Rod and to your wonderful family (and dogs 🙂 for spending that time with us and allowing us to capture the love you had for each other. I had so much fun editing these photos. So here they are, hot off the editing studio. Enjoy!

And look what we saw before we left the Lake that day…


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