A beautiful beach family photoshoot with the Devries.

After another rain storm had pounded Skagit Valley,  I ventured out to Larabee Beach for a family photoshoot with the Devries family. After shaking off a little cabin fever we were able to capture wonderful photos of their family being themselves as they spent time with each other enjoying the moment.

We began the photoshoot by taking the family to a graffiti etched rock wall. Here the family was able to “warm up” to the camera.


In the image below we were able to capture an intimate moment as the family walked the beach together.


Then we were able to take this stunning photo of the family.



 What’s not to love about these three gorgeous girls?






 A tender moment between mother and daughter.


Their stunning mom, Susie.


We experienced a hysterical moment with Maggie (the youngest daughter) when we   gave her instructions of what she was supposed to do in the next shot. When  asked if she understood, Maggie responded by giving us the Sarah Palin “wink” with one eye. We will  definitely be strong supporters of this future candidate!



One Response to A beautiful beach family photoshoot with the Devries.

  1. rgeisendorf says:

    OMG Suz your eyes are beautiful…. I laughed out loud at Mag and Lils pics…. they are sooooo stink’n cute. Look at Carly wow! Such an awesome group of pics. Luv it! Rebecca

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