‘Tis the season…

Tis the season to start seeing all the twinkling lights everywhere, to see candy canes and Santa all over, to promise not to gain all that holiday weight, to break out the eggnog and sniff those cinnamon pinecones, to drink Peppermint lattes and sing Christmas carols, to find that favorite scarf from last year and to wear those winter  boots, to try not to be a Grinch this year and to promise your kids they’ll get something under that tree if they’re good, to try and read everything on their long Christmas wishlist and to figure out what to get your hubby this year, to try and keep up with the long Christmas card list, it’s also time to let go of my busy to-do list and experience the beauty of this season…and it’s also, well, time for me to start  blogging again.

I know, I’ve fallen behind on blogging but  just wanted to pop my head up from the busy editing floor to let you know that I’m still here!

Aside from wearing the business owner-photographer and mom-of-3 kids hat, I also wear the college professor hat in that I’ve been teaching a college digital photography course part time. It’s now the end of the quarter and my class is knee deep in doing critiques and evaluations and turning in their  final photography project. We’ve had an incredible fall and I have the awesome  privelege if teaching such an extremely talented bunch of photographers. I’m really amazed at what these students have accomplished throughout this quarter. Witnessing their talent develop throughout this course has been a real blessing. I’ve learned so much about photography just by teaching these students.  I’ve probably learned so much more about photography than I have learned in my entire career just because I teach it now. It’s true, the quickest way to learn about something is to teach it.

I’m so proud of these students. Some of their photos have brought tears to my eye. They’ve managed to produce  true art. And like all artwork, it deserves to be seen, so I will have to post some of their inspiring work here on this blog.  Sniff…sniff…I feel like such a proud mama. So again stay tuned!

I’ll also be blogging about some recent portrait and commercial shoots we’ve done as well as a wedding we shot a few weeks ago. Again, stay tuned!

Before I sign off, here are a few holiday related images  I took this afternoon while out location scouting for a Christmas shoot tomorrow. Stay tuned for images from that shoot. I’ll be blogging more shortly, In the meantime, enjoy! Love, Toni




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