Christmastime is here…

RLast week, we had the chance of getting together with one of our favorite families for a fun Christmas portrait shoot.  We began our shoot out at an old Catholic Church with a beautiful brick staircase. Then we headed on out to Hart’s Floral shop and used their  beautifully decorated Christmas trees as a backdrop for our Holiday photos. A special thanks to Colleen McKnight and her staff  for allowing us to use her gorgeous Christmas store display for these photos.

Here’s Savannah & Paige laughing hilariously…


Here’s some gorgeous photos of Paige:


One of my favorite photos of Paige from the day:


Many of you might recognize Savannah from a photo shoot we did of her and her puppy last summer. Well here she is, still as cute as ever and quite possibly a future supermodel. No matter how tired she was from school that day, she managed to put on her million dollar smile and pose for us.


A tender moment between Paige and her beautiful mommy…



I had to steal mom & dad away for a few minutes so I can capture some intimate shots of the two of them..and look at what I was able to capture…


It’s beautiful to witness the love these two have for one another….









Thank you Hupp family for allowing us to photograph your precious family for the second time this year. WOW!  The friendship and the memories that we share through a camera lens and cup of coffee will last a lifetime!  We love you guys! ~ Toni

WHATS IN THE BOX? _ _ _ _ _ _  … We all know the answer! 🙂


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