Waking up to 17″ inches of snow…

Waking up to 17″ inches of snow is an exciting event in my world. First off, I have NEVER experienced this much snow in a long time. Other than the requisite, “let’s-go-drive-out-to-the-mountains-and-see-snow” trips, snow is virtually a foreign matter to me. Having spent half my life growing up in a tropical country and then living in Southern California and Las Vegas had turned me into a warm blooded creature. But I think thats changed as of this week.

I went out with my son John Andrew this morning to watch him work on (in his own words) “the biggest snow horse that have ever existed”. Of course, he was going to do all the work since it was supposedly a BIG surprise for me. And so, with camera in my big bulky gloved hands, I set about on a journey to document the beautiful winter morning.

The eagle was too quick for me today and just didn’t want his photo taken but I found some cute little winged critters flying around from branch to branch out in the raspberry fields.

Here’s a sweet little snowbird who managed to stay still long enough for me to capture him. The beauty of God’s little creatures never ceases to amaze me.



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