A Blue winter sunset shoot and my frozen fingers.

Everything seems to have come to a beautiful standstill this week. So I took Ellya, the camera and my strobe out for a quick 10 minute sunset shoot in front of our lake covered in snow.

We only had a few minutes before the sun disappeared for the day so I had to hurry and get our sunset shot set up using a Joe McNally “The Moment it Clicks” technique I learned this past year. I’ve been waiting for the right time to get a shot like this and again, I’ve learned that it’s all about catching the right light at the right time.

With halfway frozen fingers and a shivering model eager to pack things up and go back to the warm house, I quickly pressed the shutter and captured one of my most favorite shots of 2008.

After shooting a few frames, we quickly ran back up to the house and placed our hands under warm water to thaw out. Ouch! Never take pictures without a good pair of gloves on.

But then again, the pain of having halfway frozen fingers may be worth it after seeing these images below. These images may qualify as one of my favorites from 2008.







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