The tulips are ready to bloom!


One of the best parts about living in this part of the country is the amazing scenery just outside  my backyard.  Skagit Valley in the springtime is a photographer’s dream! And now that spring is  finally here in the valley, I take more outdoor trips with my camera just to explore and “feed” the artist within.

On the way to the tulip fields last night, I stopped by the side of the road to watch this glorious sunset. As I pulled out my camera to take a photo, this creature walked up to me to say “hello”. He stopped, stared at me for a few minutes and probably wondered what that black thing on my face was. Then he smiled. I had to capture his smile. Take a look at his expression. He has such personality!

I drove a few more minutes up the road and found this amazing daffodil field. Daffodils bloom before the tulips do so now that the tulips are almost in bloom, the gorgeous daffodils are now ready to die. But I managed to take a few photos.


Here’s some photos I took of my daughter in the daffodil fields last year.
And one of the three kids from last year.


And finally I spotted a tulip field with thousands and thousands of red, yellow and pink tulips just about ready to bloom.



If you live close to Skagit Valley, plan a trip to see these gorgeous fields. They are only in bloom for a few short weeks during the year and once they’re gone, they’re gone. I promise that you will come away amazed.


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  1. jagsnaps says:

    Excellent Photos…

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