A vintage country wedding : bridal shoot sneak peek.

I love collaborating with other artists. Especially when it comes to planning, directing and executing a fashion shoot with a talented group of people from the fashion industry. Yesterday, I had the privilege of shooting a very dramatic fashion shoot right where we live with a group of very talented people. It’s always been a dream of mine to shoot right here on the farm and yesterday everything just came together so beautifully resulting in this amazing shoot.

The threat of rain during our shoot just added to the drama. The overcast sky, the smell of the air just when it’s about to rain, the off and on rain showers, the old yellow boat, the blooming cherry trees, the vintage Schwinn bike, an old picnic basket, a blue retro veil, a talented stylist and some ridiculously good looking models all added to the romance of our shoot.

Wedding Dress, veil and hair accesories provided by Jessica of Wedding Belles in Mount Vernon, WA

Hair by Matt from NW Hair Academy

Makeup by Matt and Dennise Davis

Here’s some favorites from our shoot.


















Stay tuned for more images from this shoot and upcoming fashion shoots when we launch our new website next month.


3 Responses to A vintage country wedding : bridal shoot sneak peek.

  1. Crystal Rausch-Lindsay says:

    This photoshoot captures everything I love! The chandelier in the tree is amazing and beautiful and elegant. Then the old bike and boat give it such a down to earth vibe. Of course the retro veils are to die for too :). You two are so very talented.

  2. tonicstudio says:

    Well, see what you did? You know you were the inspiration for these retro veils 🙂 We can’t wait to shoot your wedding! It’s gonna be awesome.

  3. Hello there I like your article

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