Kevin + Jenny: A beautiful Pacific Northwest summer wedding.

We knew that Kevin and Jenny would hold a special place in our hearts, the moment we booked their wedding. Both of them are such warm, fun loving, bighearted, and spontaneous people, that we automatically knew that their wedding would be a blast to photograph. And we were right! They had the most beautiful outdoor summer wedding.

Kevin really went  all out to surprise his beautiful bride, Jenny.  How’s this for fun? Not only did Kevin and his groomsmen prepare a cool retro song and dance number to serenade Jenny with at the reception, he also planned an elaborate surprise wheel-of-fortune like game where all their bridal party were involved in revealing the surprise honeymoon destination. Finally, he whisked his bride away to the airport a few hours after the wedding to go on their honeymoon to Aruba!

One of the big things that stood out to us during Kevin and Jenny’s wedding was the genuine love their friends and family had from them.  During the wedding toast, each person spoke about their big hearts and how caring and thoughtful they are with their friends and family. Kevin and Jenny extended that same warmth to us as well, making us feel like we’re old friends. I don’t know how we are so blessed to get such wonderful people to work for. Thank you Kevin and Jenny for such great memories from your wedding day.  It was truly an honor getting to know you and your amazing group of friends, Love, Joe & Toni.

Special thanks to our good friend and premier Northwest DJ and event planner, JD Fields of  Catch the Beat Event Planners for providing  one of the best and most creative wedding reception and entertainment we’ve seen.

Click here to view a slideshow of Kevin and Jenny’s Wedding Day highlights.

Here’s some favorite photos from their fun wedding:


Photo by Joe:PhotogPicks_KBiegel_108










Photo by Joe:




KBeigel_0868 (1)






Photo by Joe:PhotogPicks_KBiegel_196




And also thank you to our good  friend JD  Fields of  Catch the Beat for such amazing entertainment during their reception.

2 Responses to Kevin + Jenny: A beautiful Pacific Northwest summer wedding.

  1. Kevin says:

    Great blog guys!! Your awesome!!

  2. Erica Skelton says:

    Lovely day! Congrats Jenny & Kevin!

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