Get Your Picture out There…a surprise blog post and a reminder to treat’re worth it.

March 5, 2009

I was about to call it a day when I ran into this cool article that our previous client wrote about us. A few months ago, Joe & I did a corporate shoot for a really cool person. Not only did we have a blast with our shoot, we ended up booking a massage with her a few weeks later. And you know what they say about how difficult it is to find a real good hairstylist? Well, it’s the same for a massage therapist. So needless to say, now we know where to go. And for all of you looking for a great massage therapist who will actually spend time listening to your concerns and work to find healthy solutions, give Evonne from Nature’s Healing Arts a call. Treat yourself to a soothing massage from Evonne. You’re worth it!

Oh…and here’s what Evonne had to say about her marketing photo shoot with Joe & I…

Get Your Picture Out There

I have read many business and marketing books in my time as a small business owner and have tried many marketing tools and tricks. Some have worked and of course some have not. I try to keep the amount of time and money loss to a minimum and so have not really gone out on a limb with anything fancy to promote myself. That is until recently.

Last month I dropped a small chunck of change to get professional marketing photographs to use in my promotional materials and on the web. The company I got to do the photography is called Tonic Design Studio. They can be found at This husband and wife team came to my office and took pictures of me and my office surroundings. They made me feel so comfortable and at ease that they were able to get some great shots. In general I am relatively non-photogentic, but they have such talent that I now have some incredible marketing shots of myself and my work. I am so impressed with the quality ot their work that I just can’t stop talking about it.

The main reason I wanted to get a good ‘head shot’ was for the purpose of business cards. I read somewhere in one of the many books on marketing, that a business card with your head shot on it will generate something like 20% more interest than a card without. Now that I have all these great pictures, I’ve also been posting them on all the networking groups I’m associated with on the internet. Hopefully generating some interest there, as well as making up new fliers, brochures, posters etc. I’m so pleased with the results so far, it is true, people actually open the brochures now instead of just tossing them, I’ve watched ’em do it 🙂
Thanks again to Tonic Design Studio for your excellent work and service!

Evonne Nelson, LMP
Nature’s Healing Arts Massage & Aromatherapy






2008 People’s Choice Best Photographer Finalist & our 2008 Women in Business cover!

February 28, 2009

Amazing. A huge adrenaline rush. Joe described last year perfectly, “it’s like jumping out of an airplane”, he said. I guess that pretty much sums up our 2008 experience. While we were in Vegas for the exciting and wonderful WPPI event last week, we got a phone call from my sweet mother in law informing us that Joe & I and Tonic Design Studio Photography were picked by the readers of the Skagit Business Pulse Magazine as a finalist for the 2008 People’s Choice Best Photographer for the area! WOW. All I can say is thank you. Gracias. Maraming Salamat Po. Arigato. Danke. Mahalo. If I can express my gratefulness to all of the readers who nominated us in a 100 languages, I would. Thanks for believing in us and allowing us to live our dream. I’m still on Cloud Nine.

In other news, The Business Pulse also did a cover story and a 2 page feature on Joe & I and our business last October 2008. Never in my wildest dreams have I thought of being on the cover of a magazine with my camera in hand, talking about my journey as a business woman, a mom, an artist and a photographer. I’m still speechless and truly amazed.



Some kind words from our bride Jessica….

January 16, 2009

Here’s a sweet email we got from our sweet bride Jessica a few weeks ago. Clients like Jessica and Travis truly touch our hearts. Thanks for such great memories.

Hi toni.

I love the blog. I was just going through all of the wedding photos again the other day. I am having a really hard time deciding which one(s) I want to have done in the canvas. I think I have figured it out…then I change my mind. There are so many nice pictures to choose from! I also can’t decide where in my house I would put them and what pictures I would want where. So many choices! I definately have been thinking about it though! Travis is so sweet about it too…he said for me to pick out whichever photos I like the best. A lot of help he is! Anyways, I plan on finally making my choices after new years. I am anxious to get some wedding pictures up in our house.
I also wanted to pass on to you that we have received several compliments on our photos people have viewed on line and on our wedding photographers. We have been so thrilled with the pictures. They truly turned out beautiful. We feel very blessed to have had you capture such beautiful and intimate moments on our wedding day. We are so very attached to them all. I absolutely love watching the DVD. I fall right back into the joy, emotion, and sentiment of that day. Each photo genuinely captures each emotion we felt in that particular moment. I can remember almost every thought I had in each one. Which I am sure I would have forgotten, if it wasn’t for your right on shots. I just finished mailing out our christmas cards today. (the first year it can be from Travis & Jessica Baldwin) I sent you and Joe one. I think you willl like them. After all…your work is captured on the front.

Merry Christmas,
The Baldwins