Senior Portraits 2010 : Jeff H.

September 25, 2009

For this senior session we have a guy! We don’t shoot many senior guys, but when we do they turn out amazing. Jeff is totally cool, and is an extremely talented guy. He has a great singing voice, can play the sax, the guitar  etc. We chose the farm as the location since there were many cool backdrops we could use to give his photos that fashion edge plus it’s just perfect for Jeff’s laid back personality. Enjoy his gorgeous photos!






Amber & Brandon: Falling in love all over again.

September 19, 2009

One of the best things about our job is that we get to meet new people all the time. People fascinate me, with all their stories, their personalities, their quirkiness…all of these fascinate me to no end. So it was really exciting to meet this sweet couple who had this beautiful and inspiring story about their powerful bond. As we listened to them, Joe & I knew that we would only have to observe their love story unfold, listen with our hearts and with cameras in hand, capture this intangible and powerful bond between them and hope to make it tangible through our photography.

Here’s a shot that I was more than pleased with. There is something beautiful and ethereal about this shot and how the sun flare pattern appeared between them. The afternoon natural light and the Washington sun certainly performed for us that day! There were more than a few of these moments that unfolded before us and it was a true pleasure to be there and watch these two fall in love all over again. Thank you so much Amber & Brandon for allowing us to spend the afternoon with both of you~Joe & Toni


The light shines down on these two…




Waiting for the right moment as we captured the beautiful Edmonds sunset behind them.




A birthday shoot by the countryside.

September 2, 2009

For Ellya’s 15th birthday we decided on a fun birthday shoot out in the countryside complete with balloons as props since I wanted to do something different than the usual “look-at-the-camera-smile-and-look-pretty” type of poses. I really wanted to get at least 20 balloons since I was inspired by the chic Sofia Coppola Miss Dior ads with the pink and white balloon bundle. But unfortunately my car wasn’t large enough to fit that many balloons so we settled for a few cute blue & yellow ones. Perhaps we’ll have to try this concept again for a future shoot.

We then hopped into our car and took a quick drive out to the beautiful Skagit countryside. I saw this beautiful yellow meadow with blue skies in the background and decided to stop and start our shoot there. We ended up with one of my most favorite shots below:

Ellya_Bday Shoot01a

And this…

Ellya_Bday Shoot04a

We then went out closer to the beach and had some jumping in the air action shots. I like how this turned out with the blue skies and all.

Ellya_Bday Shoot17a

Ellya_Bday Shoot02a

Ellya_Bday Shoot13a

Ellya_Bday Shoot23b

Ellya_Bday Shoot23a

She tried to blow a big bubble but it didn’t quite work as well as we thought it would…but it still looked cute.

Ellya_Bday Shoot30A

Ellya_Bday Shoot27a

Here’s a happy birthday wish to our sweet,  spunky and beautiful Ellya…who is fast becoming a wonderful, young lady. We wish you would stop growing up too fast 🙂 May you continue to shine and bless many in everything that you do…love mom & dad.

A birthday shoot sneak peek plus what’s coming up….

August 19, 2009

Our  kids are enjoying the last few weeks of summer before they return back to school so we’ve been busy with summer activities. I hope you’ve all had a great summer. Ours have been  a fun, action filled summer so far.

I’m not quite ready to blog about our recent photo shoots but here’s a few favorite photos from yesterday’s birthday shoot with Ellya.

Ellya_Bday Shoot01a

Here’s what else is coming up…

This adorable little baby.


And this beautiful family…


I can’t wait to share all the photos with you. More to come next week. Thanks for sticking with us…Toni

A lazy summer day at the farm with sweet little Madison.

July 1, 2009

What some of us wouldn’t give to experience being a kid again…running around barefoot , playing dress up and picking summer berries…Last week, we had a chance to run around and play with  a sweet 4 your old girl out on the farm. We followed her around as she went out picking raspberries, riding on her little red vintage radio flyer wagon, chasing after bubbles and dragonflies and playing dress up for the afternoon.

When asked to do portrait shoots for children under the age of 5, our approach to the shoot is to play so of course we use “props” or “toys” and do a lot of playing and running around as opposed to sitting still and doing formal photos. It’s always fun to capture a child’s personality as they are…in their natural element doing things they love to do.

Here are a few of our faves from the day:

Blog_Madison (3)

She loves to pose and we didn’t have to ask for much to get this adorable series below. This is also a new storyboard photo  layout that I recently designed. You can ask for this layout after our portrait session and we will personalize it with your child’s name and choice of background color.


Another new layout I designed for the our “Watch Me Grow” series which can be customized with your favorite photos.

Blog_Madison (5)

Nothing says summertime like running barefoot on the grass feeling the  summer afternoon breeze on your face and holding a favorite ball.



Getting a ride from daddy in the old red wagon.


Jack had to join in the fun too.


Freshly picked summer raspberries are the best!


One for each finger!




And they’re all gone…




Blog_Madison (4)



Blog_Madison (2)

And our day ended with Madison giving mom & dad a gigantic hug! Thank you so  much Brad, Tracey and Madison for spending the afternoon with us! It was a lot of fun playing  with your  gorgeous little soon to be 4 year old princess… it’s so much fun to see her grow so quickly!


Hush little baby don’t you cry…newborn baby shoot sneak peak.

June 3, 2009

One of our favorite couples just gave birth to the most gorgeous little baby boy a few weeks ago and we were so excited to spend the morning with them.  I just couldn’t help but fall in love with this little guy. It was so sweet to watch daddy comforting his little one…Here’s a few faves from the shoot. Stay tuned for more to come including faves from the maternity shoot.




Beach bridal fashion shoot at sunset

May 12, 2009

Last week, our lovely Pacific Northwest weather cooperated with us and Joe & I were able to go out for an amazing bridal shoot out on the beach.

Here are a few shots taken from Joe’s perspective:






And then a few more from my point of view:








Creating some drama with the veil.




A few sunset shots.



And finally after waiting for the sun to set we all got adventurous and submerged our beautiful model in the semi-warm water to get this dramatic shot below: