A birthday shoot by the countryside.

September 2, 2009

For Ellya’s 15th birthday we decided on a fun birthday shoot out in the countryside complete with balloons as props since I wanted to do something different than the usual “look-at-the-camera-smile-and-look-pretty” type of poses. I really wanted to get at least 20 balloons since I was inspired by the chic Sofia Coppola Miss Dior ads with the pink and white balloon bundle. But unfortunately my car wasn’t large enough to fit that many balloons so we settled for a few cute blue & yellow ones. Perhaps we’ll have to try this concept again for a future shoot.

We then hopped into our car and took a quick drive out to the beautiful Skagit countryside. I saw this beautiful yellow meadow with blue skies in the background and decided to stop and start our shoot there. We ended up with one of my most favorite shots below:

Ellya_Bday Shoot01a

And this…

Ellya_Bday Shoot04a

We then went out closer to the beach and had some jumping in the air action shots. I like how this turned out with the blue skies and all.

Ellya_Bday Shoot17a

Ellya_Bday Shoot02a

Ellya_Bday Shoot13a

Ellya_Bday Shoot23b

Ellya_Bday Shoot23a

She tried to blow a big bubble but it didn’t quite work as well as we thought it would…but it still looked cute.

Ellya_Bday Shoot30A

Ellya_Bday Shoot27a

Here’s a happy birthday wish to our sweet,¬† spunky and beautiful Ellya…who is fast becoming a wonderful, young lady. We wish you would stop growing up too fast ūüôā May you continue to shine and bless many in everything that you do…love mom & dad.


Baby Brody is 3 months old!

August 25, 2009

Many of you remember Brandon, Amber & their cute little newborn baby from this past blog post. Well…time surely flies because he is now 3 months old and we were able to capture some adorable portraits of this handsome little boy.

What a little charmer he is! Just look at these photos and tell me if he doesn’t steal your hearts away…














A birthday shoot sneak peek plus what’s coming up….

August 19, 2009

Our¬† kids are enjoying the last few weeks of summer before they return back to school so we’ve been busy with summer activities. I hope you’ve all had a great summer. Ours have been¬† a fun, action filled summer so far.

I’m not quite ready to blog about our recent photo shoots but here’s a few favorite photos from yesterday’s birthday shoot with Ellya.

Ellya_Bday Shoot01a

Here’s what else is coming up…

This adorable little baby.


And this beautiful family…


I can’t wait to share all the photos with you. More to come next week. Thanks for sticking with us…Toni

Kevin + Jenny: A beautiful Pacific Northwest summer wedding.

August 13, 2009

We knew that Kevin and Jenny would hold a special place in our hearts, the moment we booked their wedding. Both of them are such warm, fun loving, bighearted, and spontaneous people, that we automatically knew that their wedding would be a blast to photograph. And we were right! They had the most beautiful outdoor summer wedding.

Kevin really went¬† all out to surprise his beautiful bride, Jenny.¬† How’s this for fun? Not only did Kevin and his groomsmen prepare a cool retro song and dance number to serenade Jenny with at the reception, he also planned an elaborate surprise wheel-of-fortune like game where all their bridal party were involved in revealing the surprise honeymoon destination. Finally, he whisked his bride away to the airport a few hours after the wedding to go on their honeymoon to Aruba!

One of the big things that stood out to us during Kevin and Jenny’s wedding was the genuine love their friends and family had from them.¬† During the wedding toast, each person spoke about their big hearts and how caring and thoughtful they are with their friends and family. Kevin and Jenny extended that same warmth to us as well, making us feel like we’re old friends. I don’t know how we are so blessed to get such wonderful people to work for. Thank you Kevin and Jenny for such great memories from your wedding day.¬† It was truly an honor getting to know you and your amazing group of friends, Love, Joe & Toni.

Special thanks to our good friend and premier Northwest DJ and event planner, JD Fields of¬† Catch the Beat Event Planners for providing¬† one of the best and most creative wedding reception and entertainment we’ve seen.

Click here to view a slideshow of Kevin and Jenny’s Wedding Day highlights.

Here’s some favorite photos from their fun wedding:


Photo by Joe:PhotogPicks_KBiegel_108










Photo by Joe:




KBeigel_0868 (1)






Photo by Joe:PhotogPicks_KBiegel_196




And also thank you to our good  friend JD  Fields of  Catch the Beat for such amazing entertainment during their reception.

Sneak Peek:Kevin and Jenny are married!

August 11, 2009

Yeah!¬† Kevin and Jenny are now married and Joe & I spent their fabulous day with them. Here’s a sneak peek at more blog photos to come. Stay tuned everyone. Congratulations Kevin and Jenny! Your wedding was sooooo amazing. Thanks for letting us be a part of it-Joe & Toni


A lazy summer day at the farm with sweet little Madison.

July 1, 2009

What some of us wouldn’t give to experience being a kid again…running around barefoot , playing dress up and picking summer berries…Last week, we had a chance to run around and play with¬† a sweet 4 your old girl out on the farm. We followed her around as she went out picking raspberries, riding on her little red vintage radio flyer wagon, chasing after bubbles and dragonflies and playing dress up for the afternoon.

When asked to do portrait shoots for children under the age of 5, our approach to the shoot is to play so of course we use “props” or “toys” and do a lot of playing and running around as opposed to sitting still and doing formal photos. It’s always fun to capture a child’s personality as they are…in their natural element doing things they love to do.

Here are a few of our faves from the day:

Blog_Madison (3)

She loves to pose and we didn’t have to ask for much to get this adorable series below. This is also a new storyboard photo¬† layout that I recently designed. You can ask for this layout after our portrait session and we will personalize it with your child’s name and choice of background color.


Another new layout I designed for the our “Watch Me Grow” series which can be customized with your favorite photos.

Blog_Madison (5)

Nothing says summertime like running barefoot on the grass feeling the  summer afternoon breeze on your face and holding a favorite ball.



Getting a ride from daddy in the old red wagon.


Jack had to join in the fun too.


Freshly picked summer raspberries are the best!


One for each finger!




And they’re all gone…




Blog_Madison (4)



Blog_Madison (2)

And our day ended with Madison giving mom & dad a gigantic hug! Thank you so¬† much Brad, Tracey and Madison for spending the afternoon with us! It was a lot of fun playing¬† with your¬† gorgeous little soon to be 4 year old princess… it’s so much fun to see her grow so quickly!


Hush little baby…newborn photography : A Father’s Day blog post

June 20, 2009

Last year, we met a beautiful couple and had the honor of being their engagement and wedding photographers. Many of you blog readers may recognize them from this  photo shoot and this one. Just imagine how thrilled Joe & I were to get a phone call from them with the good news that they were expecting!

I’ll be sharing with you a few favorite images from our maternity shoot. Since it is Father’s Day this Sunday, I wanted to share these beautiful newborn photos of dad & his new son. I look at¬† these dad & baby son photos and¬† can’t help but think about how awesome it is to have a Heavenly Dad who loves us more than we can ever love our little ones. It’s a mind boggling thing that such love exists and yet it does..and He gives us children so we can understand in a very small way how much He really loves His own children.

“We love him, because he first loved us..” 1 John 4:19

Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing dads!










Shortly after we had our maternity shoot, their little bundle of joy arrived into the world. We got to spend some time with this beautiful family a few weeks ago and here are some favorite images from our shoot.







Right when the little baby started getting fussy, his strong dad started whispering gently into his ears…singing to him and talking to him…and instanly, he responded to his soothing voice by calming down and falling right to sleep…what an amazing thing to watch!


I love the contrast between daddy’s big and strong hands versus his small baby’s body.






A sweet moment between all three of them…




This image below is for the dads out there, may this remind you of those times when you first held your little ones in your arms and the overwhelming love you felt for them.

Happy Father’s Day to you dads out there!


And of course I had to pose with this little guy…you can just imagine how easy it was to fall in love with such a handsome little fella.

Welcome to the world baby Brody…you are such an incredibly blessed little boy to be surrounded by so many people that love you!